• Why should I have my chimney swept every year?
    • There is less chance that the chimney/liner will catch fire
    • Soot is acidic. If you leave soot on the wall of a chimney/liner it will rot the stainless-steel liner or eat into the mortar of the bricks
    • Your appliance will burn more efficiently pulling the gases up the chimney/flue and out of the house. Carbon monoxide is not a gas you want anywhere near you. It’s odour-less, colour-less and can kill. ALWAYS HAVE A CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTOR IN THE ROOM OF THE FIRE


  • Do I have to cover all my furniture up before you come?
    • No, the only area that needs to be cleared is in front of the fireplace, so I have enough room to work. I lay two floor sheets, the top one being a thick plastic sheet to keep all the soot off the carpet. I seal the access to the chimney with either a foam block or dust sheet that allows me to sweep through.
    • I use a HEPA rated class H vacuum cleaner to make sure no carcinogenic soot powder is blown around your home while I work